Connecting land use and biodiversity is essential to understand the relationships between ecosystems and socio-economic systems, ecosystem services, and the potential risks and benefits to regional specialization and human welfare. Such topic calls for investigations on how human activities and global environmental changes affect terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, human well-being and public health, what are the feedback and the potential local and regional futures. In this context, the rationale of the conference is to bring together scientists and stakeholders from various connecting fields to address different effects of ecosystems changes, to set-up mitigation and adaptation strategies and contribute with scientific information to local/regional land use, planning and environmental policies.



  • Land Use/Cover Change and Land Degradation
  • Impacts of Land Use/Cover Changes on Biodiversity Loss
  • Causes and Consequences of Land Use/Cover changes
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Management
  • Extreme Weather Events, Socio-Territorial Vulnerabilities and Impacts on Public Health
  • Environmental Changes and Human Health: Impacts and Inequalities
  • Distribution of Health Resources, Access to Health Care and Spatial Justice
  • Local Resources and Regional Specialization
  • Local and Regional Development: socio-economic disparities
  • Spatial Development and Territorial Cohesion
  • Cross-border Cooperation and Neighbourhood Policies
  • Governance and Policies in Planning, Land use and Biodiversity


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IGU Bucharest & Tulcea Conference Book of Abstracts

IGU Bucharest & Tulcea Conference – 2nd circular

IGU Bucharest & Tulcea Conference – 1st circular


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